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Q&A: "I am Going to be Receiving a $200,000 Inheritance. Where do I put this Money?"

Question and background: I am a 40 year old single female. I am going to be receiving a $200,000 inheritance. Where do I put this money? Annuity? Roth? Invest? I make $40,000 annually. I have $40,000 in 401k. I have $60,000 left on mortgage for condo that is underwater but no other debt. I have $20,000 liquid. I want to make the best decision for future financial security.

Insurance Investment Retirement Accounts Tax

Q&A: "Given that Each Institution's Accounts are FDIC Insured to $250,000, is There a Service Which Helps Someone Invest $5 Million with Multiple Banks so that Each Account is Covered?"

Question and background: Given that each institution's accounts are FDIC insurance limited to $250,000, is there a service which helps someone invest, say, $5 million, with 20 different banks, so that each is covered with the $250,000 FDIC insurance? That service would ideally coordinate and simplify the 20 different accounts which would be set up.


Q&A: "We're Retired and Will be Selling our House this Year. How Should We Invest the Proceeds from the Sale?"

Question and background: We're retired and will be selling our house this year. How should we invest the proceeds from the sale? My wife and I will be 62 this year, we have been retired 7 years, our current portfolio is $1.3 million. 70% equities, 30% bonds, most have been owned 25 plus years. We don't buy/sell much and have been living off dividends and income. We have no debt and have sold our main residence and will be moving to our winter home. We will have $500,000 from the sale to invest this fall. I hesitate to buy equities at the top of the market and feel we are equity heavy for our age and status of retired. We would like to be able to take out a minimum of 3% and would like 5% annually of the additional investment. We have no plans of adjusting the original portfolio. What would you recommend?

Economy Investment Tax