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Play the Social Security Game

Social Security

Everybody knows that Social Security's future is cloudy if we continue on our current path. We can quibble about when we reach the solvency threshold and what needs to be done, but not about the fact that changes must be made.

I've written before that Social Security is very fixable. It's a political problem more than a financial problem. I could fix it in 30 minutes but, alas, nobody's appointed me benevolent dictator to do so.

So how about trying your hand at Social Security reform? The American Academy of Actuaries has created a fun and educational online tool called "Play the Social Security Game." 

The game is a brief series of questions where you choose different benefit adjustments or revenue increases to secure the system's future solvency. On the right side is a thermometer graph that quantifies how much of the problem your solutions have fixed. And you can go back and change your answers to see the solvency impact of different choices. It's very informative.

Give it a shot: Play the Social Security Game