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Q&A: "Are There Separate Deductibles for Medicare Part A and Part B? Do Medigap Plans Cover Both of Them if I Sign-Up for One?"

Healthcare & Medicare


Are there separate deductibles for Medicare Part A and Part B? Do Medigap plans cover both of them if I sign-up for one?


Since Medicare Part A ("Hospital Insurance") and Part B ("Medical Insurance") are separate plans covering different types of medical services, they have separate deductibles.

In 2014, the Medicare Part B deductible is $147 per year. But for Part A, it's $1,216 for each benefit period. 

Medicare supplement ("Medigap") plans C and F cover both of the deductibles for Medicare Part A and B. Medigap Plan A covers neither deductible. And the rest of the Medigap plans cover some or all of the Medicare Part A deductible, but none of the Part B deductible.