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Q&A: "As a Beneficiary of a Trust, What Information About the Trust Am I Entitled to?"

Estate Matters


As a beneficiary of a trust, what information about the trust am I entitled to?


Generally speaking, it depends on what kind of Trust this is, what type of beneficiary you are, and possible differences in state law depending on where the Trust was established.

If you are an initial beneficiary--meaning you're in line to receive an immediatedistribution or income from the Trust--then the Trustee would typically be required to provide you with a copy of the Trust document. You need to know what your beneficial interests in the Trust are.

On the other hand, if you're a "contingent" or "remainder" beneficiary--meaning you're in line to benefit after the death of the initial beneficiary(ies) or some other time frame specified in the Trust--then you're unlikely to be entitled to the Trust document, though the Trustee may still choose to voluntarily provide it. 

Hope that helps. All the best.