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The Tax Scams Are Becoming More Sophisticated -- Don't Fall Prey

Security & ID Theft Tax

When the 2016 tax season began, I blogged a heads-up in Those Tricky Tax Scammers about various techniques the scammers were using to part you from your money.

It seems those turkeys never rest and the scams continue to morph into greater levels of sophistication.

For some time now, the IRS and tax professionals have been telling folks that you can rest easy the IRS will never phone you with tax demands without first having sent you a letter providing details.

Wouldn’t you know it, now scammers phone you posing as the IRS and say they sent you two certified letters but the letters were returned as undeliverable. They're also now threatening arrest unless you immediately pay your supposed taxes via prepaid debit card, linked to the Electronic Federal Tax Payment System (EFTPS). The EFTPS is a real payment system. The alleged linkage is not.

Check out Kelly Phillips Erb’s article at Forbes for more information on what to watch out for and how to protect yourself:

IRS Warns On ‘New Twist’ To Old Phone Scams

And be careful out there!