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Thinking About an Encore Career After 50? Check Out What These People Did

Encore Career

As I work with clients in the second half of life, when it comes to work and "retirement" I generally find that people fall into three groups:

Retirement Categories

  1. Those who stay in their current job until retirement and are then happy to never work again (for money). 
  2. Those who retire (maybe early) and take some time off to recharge their batteries--perhaps from a difficult job or a caustic boss--and then get back in the game because they enjoy their work. 
  3. Those who shift to an entirely different work path that's more aligned with their interests and values, through an Encore Career or SecondHalf Entrepreneurship™.

Search Google for "Jobs in Retirement" and you'll get nearly 6 million results. Yet most such lists that I've seen give the topic a fairly superficial treatment, which is why I really like the AARP's Great Second Careers

Enjoying your Second Career

AARP spent six months finding 18 ordinary individuals and couples across America who've done extraordinary things with their second careers. And unlike many such lists, AARP tells you why these folks did it, how they did it, and what you need to know if you want to explore a similar path.

It's good stuff, check it out: Great Second Careers.

Questions about your "Encore Career?" We're here to help! 

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