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Q&A: "What's the Best Way to Calculate Capital Gains on Sale of a Home with Life Benefit?"

Question and background: What's the best way to calculate sale ownership for a home with life benefit? And how do capital gains on the sale work? My sister and I are on the deed to my mother's home bought in 1995 for $95,000. Mom has a life benefit estate. We want to sell the home, and mom and I are going to buy another home in a different location and just put it in my name with her as a life benefit again. Mom is 88 yrs old. So what would mom's % of the sell of her home be? My sister and I have equal share. Would we have to pay capital gains on the whole amount we sell the home for or just the gains since mom bought the house in 1995?

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Q&A: "I Inherited a Roth IRA from My Mother. What Are My Options?"

Question and background: My mother passed away (before retirement age) and left a small amount of money in her Roth IRA. I understand I can either withdraw a lump sum or roll it over into an IRA of my own, then take mandatory distributions. It seems like either way I don't pay an early withdrawal penalty, so I might as well take the cash now (it wouldn't bump me into a higher tax bracket). Is this decision a no-brainer or is there something I'm missing?

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