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SecondHalf Planning & Investment, LLC is a fee-only Registered Investment Advisor in the state of Oregon.

While we hope you find our website helpful, by itself it should not be considered an offer to provide advisory services. We can only make such an offer in jurisdictions where we are licensed or exempt from licensure (if you are outside Oregon, contact us to discuss). Also, any offer must include:

Your particular financial situation is unique to you. Information on this site is general in nature and not formal tax, legal, insurance or investment advice specific to your situation.

Content and opinions belong to Larry McClanahan, Principal of SecondHalf Planning & Investment, LLC, unless otherwise indicated. Third party information is believed to be reliable but, understandably, we can’t guarantee it. We may also provide links to other websites for the convenience of our users but have no control over accuracy or content.

Larry McClanahan is also Principal of McClanahan Tax & Advisory, LLC, which is a separate firm from SecondHalf. Clients needing tax planning, tax preparation and business advisory services may be referred there with any fees for those services paid to McClanahan Tax.

Regulatory background for Larry McClanahan and SecondHalf may be reviewed at the following links: