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What Retirees Wish They Had Known in their Pre-Retirement Years

Recently, I've begun asking my retired clients: "If you could retire all over again what would you do differently?" and "What would you like to have told your younger self to be ready for in retirement?" The answers are interesting--and helpful for folks who've yet to take that step. So are the responses from retirees in this Wall Street Journal article. Check it out: The Biggest Surprises in Retirement (WSJ, February 12, 2017)

Retirement Planning

Try "Consulteering" in Retirement

You may have heard me say that none of us are meant for a 25-30 year continuous vacation. We still need engagement and to feel we are relevant and have purpose. With the morphing of traditional retirement, one development along these lines is "retirees" transitioning back and forth between work and leisure. Sometimes the work is paid, sometimes not, sometimes there's a bit of both. Dane Peters calls it "consulteering."

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