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Social Security Update for 2016

There aren't many changes in Social Security for 2016 since there was no change in the Consumer Price Index (CPI-W) from 2014-Q3 to 2015-Q3. Here’s an update for those already collecting benefits, those about to file for benefits in 2016, and the rest who are currently paying into the system.

Social Security

Q&A: "If I Take my Social Security Retirement Benefits at Age 62, and my Husband Takes His Retirement Benefits at FRA (Age 66), What Would be my 'Survivor Benefits' if he Dies?"

If I take my social security retirement benefits at age 62, and my husband takes his retirement benefits at FRA (age 66), what would be my "survivor benefits" if he dies? Would I be entitled to his full retirement benefits at that point? (His social security is much higher than mine.) (We will be married for over 10 years by the time he retires.)

Social Security

Q&A: "I am a 61 Year Old Female who Receives Social Security Disability. My Husband is Also 61. If he Takes his Social Security at 62 and Receives a Reduced Amount, is he Able to Switch to Survivor Benefits (Which are Higher) Upon My Death?"

I am a 61 year old female who receives social security disability. My husband is also 61. If he takes his social security at 62 and receives a reduced amount, is he able to switch to survivor benefits (which are higher) upon my death? I am a five time cancer survivor. It is likely that he will survive me, and it would appear he could switch after age 66 -- is that correct?

Social Security