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Probably a "Generational Selling Moment" for US Stocks


For about a year now, I've been following the folks at Palm Valley Capital Management and recently took a "starter" position in their fund for most SecondHalf clients.

I appreciate their approach of seeking attractive absolute returns over a full market cycle, patience, independence (not following the herd), not paying-up for overpriced investments, and avoiding losing money. This is my philosophy as well. (How's that for confirmation bias!)

Their recent blog post A Generational Buying Moment is a fun walk down memory lane of how the start date of your career and generational influences impact you as an investor. Is the US stock market currently a generational buying opportunity, as many younger investors seem to think? Almost certainly not. Much more likely it's a generational selling opportunity.

I commend Palm Valley Capital's blog post to you: A Generational Buying Moment