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"What Happened to my Bond Funds?"

Prior to November 8, most experts predicted a Trump election would initially knock stocks off their perch while bonds (and gold) would likely hold their own. In fact, we've seen the exact opposite thus far. So it's understandable that folks with more “conservative” portfolios are wondering what in the world happened to their bond funds. Interest rates took the elevator to the 2nd or 3rd floor last week and a move like that always causes a corresponding reaction in bond prices. Here’s my chicken-scratch illustration of the Bond Teeter-Totter.


Oregon Measure 95 to "Reduce Risk" by Investing in Stocks? Ha Ha Ha Ha.

Naiveté runs deep in the notion that investing in stocks from current extremely overpriced levels will somehow reduce risk. Yet that's how the Oregon voter's pamphlet summarizes Measure 95: "This measure allows investments in equities by public universities to reduce financial risk and increase investments to benefit students. Additional investment income could benefit students by minimizing tuition increases and enhancing student programs." If you voted "yes" on Oregon Measure 95, in concept that's a good call on your part. Oregon universities need to have the opportunity to broadly diversify their investment portfolio (and it was a surprise to me they didn't already have it).