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Restrung: Randy Fullmer's Story as a Second Half Entrepreneur with Wyn Guitars

I love hearing about folks who shift gears and pursue their passion later in life as an Encore Career or as a Second Half Entrepreneur™. Especially when you get the whole story of their dreams and aspirations, then slogging through the inevitable setbacks, and finally emerging on the other side in victory as their idea succeeds. Randall "Randy" Wyn Fullmer is such a guy. He already had a successful career as an animator, including work for Sesame Street and 18 years at Disney. But in his mid 50s, Randy launched Wyn Guitars and as a solo luthier has been handcrafting high-end bass guitars for some of the best bassists around the world. (And now you know the other reason I like this story so much!)

Encore Career Fun

Yes, You Might Actually Enjoy a "Working" Retirement

A key part of your retirement plan is a discussion of the benefits of working, regardless of age. Retirement is no longer an event...it's a segue into a new approach to life as you know it. One definition of “work” is that it consists of actions that bring value to others and meaning to you. While you may feel that you’ve had enough work, it’s probably the underlying issues (i.e. meetings, corporate politics, commuting) that have left you drained and exhausted. Think about this: many people who go back to work after retirement are motivated by more than money––they are also motivated by the health, psychological, and friendship payoffs.

Encore Career Retirement Planning Return on Life™

Try "Consulteering" in Retirement

You may have heard me say that none of us are meant for a 25-30 year continuous vacation. We still need engagement and to feel we are relevant and have purpose. With the morphing of traditional retirement, one development along these lines is "retirees" transitioning back and forth between work and leisure. Sometimes the work is paid, sometimes not, sometimes there's a bit of both. Dane Peters calls it "consulteering."

Encore Career Retirement Planning Return on Life™